It has been nearly six decades since Petula Clark’s “Downtown” song filled the airwaves about all the fun you can have simply by going downtown! Though the times have changed, it’s a song that rings true all these years later, especially regarding Yakima’s downtown district. Whether you’re in the mood for fine dining, shopping, entertainment, or just enjoying some brews, downtown Yakima has it all because “everything’s waiting for you” downtown!

downtown Yakima
Sixteen taps are fully stocked with refreshing brews at Single Hill Brewing Company. Photo courtesy: Single Hill Brewing Company

Grab a Cold One in Downtown Yakima

It’s no secret that our historic Yakima is Hop Country USA with its beautiful wine selection from a collection of over 90 wineries and plentiful farms full of climbing hops that fill the belly of our region’s hop industry and craft breweries. Yes, Yakima is a beer lover’s paradise, and in our downtown region, there are plenty of breweries waiting to quench your thirst, such as Wandering Hop, 5th Line Brewing, Tieton Cider Works and many more!

Single Hill Brewing
102 N Naches Ave.

Outstanding beer with an emphasis on hop variety, flavor, and aroma can be found in the heart of Yakima’s hop country at our downtown area’s Single Hill Brewing. Their taproom is an amazing social space filled with good vibes, working hard to serve the community and create an inviting space to enjoy some local brews. Sixteen taps await that are fully stocked with refreshing light beers, tart and fruity sours, hoppy and hoppier IPAs, and a range of classic styles, along with experimental beers on tap from their 3-vessel Experimentor fermentation system. You’ll find something you like as you stop in for a cold one before continuing with your downtown adventures!

Shop Local in Downtown Yakima

downtown Yakima
Blend the old with the new at Vintage Me Boutique in downtown Yakima. Photo courtesy: Vintage Me Boutique

Many more hidden gems await while exploring the heart of our Yakima city, and you just might get to take them home with you if you find them in any of our city’s wonderful local shopping establishments.

Vintage Me Boutique
106 S 3rd St.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe, decorate your home, get a great gift, or love vintage, you can’t go wrong with a stop at Vintage Me Boutique. This charming shop in one of our city’s historic buildings is home to a creative blend of the old with the new and is a perfect example of local shopping that can only be experienced here in our beloved Yakima.

Churchill’s Booklover’s Haunt
125 S 2nd St.

Churchill’s Booklover’s Haunt is just one of many bookstores that call Yakima home, but it is the only one on the list to specialize in other strange and wonderfully unusual items alongside their used and rare books for sale. Since 1931 this eclectic little shop has been serving our downtown community while growing its magnificent collection, making it a great place to stop while out and about exploring the city.

Dinner is Served in Downtown Yakima

Downtown adventuring can definitely work up an appetite, but luckily you’ll be surrounded by some fantastic restaurants where you’ll find local chefs who have pulled from our region’s astounding agricultural abundance by working with local farmers to provide you with the freshest ingredients and the most mouthwatering dishes around!

Drink’n Games Arcade Bar
509 W Yakima Ave.

It’s on like Donkey Kong at Drink’n Games Arcade Bar, where they have a wide range of entertainment from arcade to driving games, basketball shooters to pinball machines, pool, darts, karaoke, theme nights, and more! They invite you to stop in and play while you enjoy a quick bite from their yummy, arcade-style menu items!

downtown Yakima
Compliments definitely go to the chef at Yakima Steak Company in downtown Yakima. Photo courtesy: Yakima Steak Company

Yakima Steak Company
221 W Yakima Ave. #3405

Great food, great friends, and great memories await those who stop in and dine at Yakima Steak Company. This local upscale dining experience is an excellent place for lunch meetings, business dinners, office catering events, birthday parties, proposals, and more! Be prepared to enjoy an exquisite meal like no other as you enjoy chef specials such as filet mignon with Bourbon mushroom sauce, potato crusted halibut, Bourbon peppercorn ribeye, and more delicious meal options.

Enjoy Downtown Yakima’s Entertainment

No day of exploring is complete without experiencing critically acclaimed shows at some of our city’s beautifully restored, historic performing arts venues. Whether you’re in the mood to catch a movie, follow the melody of a symphony, watch the show go on at the theatre, or take home some art from local and regional artists, you can do it all in our wonderful downtown Yakima!

downtown Yakima
The joint is jumping with some amazing jams at The Seasons Performance Hall. Photo courtesy: The Seasons Performance Hall

The Seasons Performance Hall
101 N Naches Ave.

Since its creation in 1918, The Seasons Performance Hall has entertained Yakima’s audiences. Initially, the building was the Christian Science Church and is considered one of the most spectacular historical churches in Yakima, still to this day. In 2009, the non-profit The Seasons Music Festival received a donation of the Performance Hall itself from the Strosahl Family, a local philanthrope with ties to the arts and music community. From then on, The Seasons Music Festival expanded into owning and operating The Seasons Performance Hall and ever since, it has been delighting the community with musical performances the whole family can enjoy.

Larson Gallery
1606 W Nob Hill Blvd.

Art galleries such as the Larson Gallery have been cultivating a love of our city’s local art scene in the downtown area. The Larson Gallery is very special to our city as it is the oldest and largest gallery in Central Washington. For more than 70 years, the gallery has been a showcase for the arts, having partnered with the Yakima Valley College, where the gallery resides, to create an environment where ideas flourish and can be displayed in such a way as to foster curiosity and appreciation for the visual arts in our diverse community.

So don’t wait one more minute because, as the song says, everything is waiting for you right here in downtown Yakima!

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