With over 300 warm, beautiful days of sunshine a year, it’s safe to say that loving the great outdoors is just what we do here in the Yakima Valley, especially when it leads to rich agricultural roots such as our own. Needless to say, our community spends a lot of time outside, whether it be on the farm or exploring the great outdoors. This love of the sunshine that makes our region flourish has carried over to local Yakima restaurants, as many offer fabulous outdoor dining options that can only be found here in Yakima!

Outdoor Dining in Yakima
Dinner is served at El Mirador 2, where you can enjoy your meal on the patio under the dazzling stars and twinkling lights. Photo courtesy: El Mirador 2

El Mirador 2

1601 E Yakima Avenue, #2179, Yakima

You don’t have to go south of the border to enjoy the forever festive El Mirador 2 in Yakima. Here, they’re putting a modern take on authentic Mexican-inspired cuisine, serving up enchiladas, fajitas, and other Mexican favorites. Not to mention, their jumbo margaritas are a fantastic addition to any order. Their warm hospitality extends beyond the dining room to their beautiful patio. The outdoor dining here is exceptional as it offers a front-row view of the breathtaking Yakima River for patrons to enjoy along with their scrumptious meals.

WaterFire Restaurant and Bar

4000 Creekside Loop, Yakima

Taking inspiration from the harvests of our Yakima Valley’s rich, fertile lands and waterways, WaterFire Restaurant and Bar draws on flavors from the Pacific Rim and beyond in order to create an innovative and inspired culinary experience for their patrons. This culinary celebration of the Pacific Northwest corner comes together in decadent dishes that both comfort and excite, that are both familiar and fresh and that celebrate all the seasons.

The family-owned and operated establishment has indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for a casual night out or a special event. Their lavish patio has been deemed one of Yakima’s favorite hangout spots, with plenty of open space to enjoy the sunshine on warm days, and the ambient glow of outdoor heaters keeps things cozy and warm when the cold begins to set in.

Second Street Grill

28 N 2nd Street, Yakima

One of downtown Yakima’s favorite social hubs, since 2008, Second Street Grill has been the place to meet, eat, drink, and chill. Formerly an old nightclub spot, the 1915 historic building was refurbished for the restaurant’s opening, with a new center island bar, spacious dining room, patio seating, and roll-up garage doors. It quickly became a bright spot in downtown Yakima and a favorite meeting place for the local community as they enjoyed the restaurant’s casual, contemporary dining experience surrounded by the brick-and-mortar of over 100 years.

Their menu offers a diverse selection of American fare dishes with something for almost every taste and budget. The installed center island bar features 24 draft beers with a heavy emphasis on craft beers from the Pacific Northwest and local and regional Yakima wines. Whether you choose to eat indoors, on the patio, or stop by when the garage doors are open for an al fresco dining experience, they look forward to serving every patron as they encourage them to stop by, relax, listen to the music, take in a game on any of their ample hi-definition televisions, and stay awhile.

Outdoor Dining in Yakima
Local residents are always excited to enjoy warm evenings on the patio at Crafted. Photo courtesy: Crafted


22 N 1st Street, Yakima

Farm-to-table restaurant Crafted opened in downtown Yakima in 2017 with an intentional commitment to foragers and farmers in the Pacific Northwest. As a result of this dedication to incorporate Yakima’s agricultural riches, the menu here tends to change with the season, and often frequently, sometimes even changing daily. Still, their seasonal à la carte menu items are designed with sharing in mind, as they intend to provide a homey spot where patrons can enjoy time with each other. Guests are also welcome to choose the “hands-free” chef’s menu, a unique multi-course experience for the whole table, which is a fun way to taste their menu without having to choose.

No matter which dish is selected for your main course, all ingredients for the meal will come from neighboring Yakima farms and nearby suppliers as it inspires their creative food and cocktail program, bringing out the richness of the Yakima Valley in every bite and sip. Call today to reserve a table in the elegant dining room, chef’s counter where you’ll get a front-row experience to their kitchen, cellar seating downstairs for a quieter dining experience, or outside on the patio to enjoy some fresh air to go with those fresh ingredients on your plate!

Outdoor Dining in Yakima
El Porton De Pepe’s colorful patio is just as festive as the authentic Mexican food they serve. Photo courtesy: El Porton De Pepe

El Porton De Pepe

15 S 5th Avenue, Yakima

Stop by the lively El Porton De Pepe to enjoy an authentic Mexican dining experience. They serve everything from great-tasting vegetarian meals and all-American dishes to the traditional Mexican cuisine we all know and love. Tasty prawns, taquitos, enchiladas, burritos, and mouthwatering fajitas are just a few of the menu’s tasty meal options. All pair especially well with their selection of alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks. Furthermore, each meal is complimented by the restaurant’s friendly and attentive staff and their comfortable, quiet atmosphere that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors on the colorful patio.

Outdoor Dining in Yakima
Enjoy sizzling steaks while dining outdoors at Yakima Steak Company. Photo courtesy: Yakima Valley Tourism

Yakima Steak Company

221 W Yakima Avenue, Yakima

Restaurant goers will find great food, friends, and memories at the locally owned and operated Yakima Steak Company. Since opening in 2017, the establishment has accumulated a number of Readers’ Choice Awards, including first-place awards for Best Happy Hour, Best Hamburger, Beast Breakfast, Best Place for a First Date, Best Premium Restaurant, and, of course, Best Steak.

The restaurant boasts a fresh, made-in-house menu that features favorites such as a classic bacon cheeseburger with fries, 8 oz Steelhead Fillet with house risotto and grilled asparagus, an 8 oz USDA prime Top Sirloin with a choice of two sides, and a Bourbon Peppercorn Ribeye that is the star of the show. Stop in anytime to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in their casual yet elegant atmosphere. It offers classic indoor and whimsical outdoor seating options with a patio that provides spectacular views of downtown Yakima. Go online or call ahead to reserve a private table or book the Yakima Steak Company for your next special event.

Outdoor Dining in Yakima
Enjoy outdoor dining with a fantastic view of Yakima Valley at Caffé 11th Avenue. Photo courtesy: Yakima Valley Tourism

Caffé 11th Avenue

1003 W Yakima Avenue, Yakima

Since 2018, Caffé 11th Avenue has welcomed customers with an affinity for fine, casual dining as they enjoy a meal in their elegant dining room or spacious open-air patio with a captivating setting. In this quaint restaurant, patrons will find nothing but the best of the very best in terms of mouthwatering food, Yakima Valley wines and craft beer, hand-crafted cocktails, and gourmet coffee.

As one of the city’s favorite go-to brunch spots, they love serving classic dishes with a creative twist, with menu items including delicious house-made quiche, heavenly eggs benedict, and creamy chicken alfredo. And there’s no sleeping on the drink menu here, either! Order a Monstrous Mimosa, or try the Monstrous Mary and find out for yourself!

From the first bite of a fresh, locally sourced dish to the warmth of the sun on your skin, outdoor dining in the Yakima Valley is a vibrant reflection of our agricultural heritage. After all, it isn’t just a place with abundant sunshine — it’s a place where sunshine fuels a love for the outdoors and a passion for good food. So, the next time you crave a delicious meal under the warm embrace of the summer sun, look no further than Yakima’s many exceptional outdoor dining options. After all, sunshine and good food are simply a way of life here.

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