While some may say it only takes courage to travel, we all know that’s not true! It takes time off from work, lots of planning, the hassle of flying, and of course, money! For 99% of us, that’s just not something that grows on the tree in our backyard.

While traveling is always worth it, it hasn’t been made easy with restrictions like these. Still, the desire to see the world and discover all the mysterious and hidden gems remain, one penny in the savings jar at a time. Thankfully for members of the Yakima community, they can immerse themselves and their tastebuds with some of the world’s premiere travel destinations right here at home without the worries of packing those bags! Let your tastebuds travel the world at these Yakima restaurants featuring international cuisine.

Zesta Cucina

international Yakima restaurants
When in Rome? More like “When in Zesta Cucina!” as you immerse your tastebuds in flavorful Italian Cuisine. Photo courtesy: Zesta Cucina

5110 Tieton Drive, Yakima

You can enjoy a little taste of Italy inspired by the Pacific Northwest at Zesta Cucina on Tieton Drive. Their welcoming ambiance and casual environment are the perfect place to relax as you enjoy their delicious Italian fare cuisine with such favorites on the menu as Cappellini Marinara, Cioppino, and Chicken Cannelloni. Top the meal off with one of their famous Italian red wines, which pairs even more splendidly with the delicious desserts, such as the chocolate flourless decadent torte.

For that next special event that you would have liked to have left home for but can’t, consider booking one of Zesta Cucina’s elegant banquet rooms, the Avanti or Verona Room, for an Italian getaway without the hustle and bustle of airport adventures.

Mangoz on the Ave

international Yakima restaurants
This Mangoz Loco Combo at Mangoz on the Ave features four ribs, four wings, four shrimp tacos, four egg rolls, two bacon avocado wraps, and six spring rolls. Talk about filling! Photo courtesy: Mangoz on the Ave

901 W Yakima Avenue, Ste 6B

Previously known as Mangoz Grill when it was voted Best Asian Restaurant by the Yakima Herald-Republic in 2019, Mongoz on the Ave has been treating Yakima residents to vibrant flavors of Asian fusion meals without the trouble of traversing across the globe. Though the name changed in December 2022, the food has remained just as delicious as always, bursting with Asian flavors. Try the Yakisoba Yum, gyozas, wild mango ribs, or Thai peanut chicken skewers.

For the health-conscious folk, check out their wide selection of vegetarian and Keto entrée options on the menu. Available for dine-in, online ordering, or pick-up, stop by and let Mongoz on the Ave transport you and your taste buds across the globe to a whole other continent!

Zullee Mediterranean Grill

international Yakima restaurants
Both healthy and delicious, Zullee Mediterranean Grill has been offering the Yakima community yummy Mediterranean and Greek cuisine since its humble beginnings in 2011. Photo courtesy: Zullee Mediterranean Grill

2706 W Nob Hill Blvd.

Dining at Zullee Mediterranean Grill, formerly known as Kabob House, will make your tastebuds feel that they’ve set sail as they experience the fresh taste of delicious Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. And it’s not just delicious. It’s also health-conscious, a fact that Zullee greatly prides itself over. What started as a modest 600-square-foot storefront with only three employees in the beautiful Yakima Valley in 2011 has transformed into a statewide favorite with the addition of three new locations.

Try exotic dishes like Lamb Souvlaki to experience a burst of Greek flavor, or try a more traditional Shish Kabob entrée as you imagine yourself sitting seaside along the Mediterranean. Enjoy Zullee’s famous Baklava, a phyllo pastry layered with nuts, honey, and cinnamon for dessert. Yum!

Kyoto Sushi and Steak House

2405 W Washington Avenue, Ste 150

international Yakima restaurants
Dinner isn’t just delicious, it’s also entertaining at Kyoto Sushi and Steak House. Photo courtesy: Kyoto Sushi and Steak House

You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to enjoy great sushi. Instead, you can enjoy it here in Yakima, thanks to Kyoto Sushi and Steak House! Dedicated to excellence and committed to offering the best authentic sushi and hibachi cuisine, they always use the highest quality, finest, and freshest ingredients for all their yummy dishes. Head over to the sushi bar before sitting by the warm fire show of entertainment as they cook their mouth-watering dishes right in front of you on the hibachi grill. It’s guaranteed to be the best fire show in town!

Though you may not be able to travel to the cherry-blossomed country of Japan, Kyoto Sushi and Steak House strives to be the city’s premiere destination for Japanese cuisine in the Yakima community. With a goal to transport you and your taste buds to Kyoto, Japan, don’t miss the mouth-watering menu at this Yakima restaurant.

Thai House Yakima

international Yakima restaurants
Chef and owner Chalisa Weippert of Thai House Yakima was born in Eastern Thailand and has been making Thai food since her first job at the age of 16. Photo courtesy: Thai House Yakima

14 N 2nd Street

Serving up Yakima’s most authentic Thai food right here at home is Thai House Yakima. Chef and owner Chalisa Weippert was born and raised in Surin, a small village in Eastern Thailand not far from the Cambodian border, working on the family rice farm. At 16, she moved for the first time to Bangkok, where she took a job prepping fresh food in a Thai restaurant.

Over the next 18 years, Weippert worked her way up and completed her apprenticeship as a Thai chef. Eventually, she owned and operated her own Thai restaurant in Kabul, Afghanistan, before moving to the United States in 2006. Her passion for cooking led her to open Thai House Yakima, where she is now committed to preparing fresh, nutritious meals without sacrificing the flavor and variety of traditional Thai foods.

So the next time you fantasize about packing a bag but aren’t quite able to get away, consider stopping by any of these local Yakima restaurants that feature cuisines from around the world and let them do the traveling for you!

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