With its rich, fertile soil and limitless acres of devoted farmland, the Yakima Valley has made a name for itself as not only the world’s leading producer of apples but also leads in Washington’s production of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and other agricultural products. In fact, the Yakima Valley has the largest variety of produce in the Pacific Northwest, with more than 40 commercial crops grown in our sunny, fertile oasis. In addition, all this fantastic farm fresh produce is easily within reach nearly year-round. With the help of these bountiful, local Yakima Valley orchards, they’re coming straight from the farm to a household table near you!

Yakima Orchards
From delicious Honeycrisp apples like these to juicy cherries and everything in between, Gilbert Orchards is growing it all just for you! Photo courtesy: Gilbert Orchards

Gilbert Orchards

10804 Gilbert Road, Yakima

Growing, packing, and shipping premium apples, pears, apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines, and more is family-owned enterprise Gilbert Orchards. This delightful fruit haven has found a home in the fertile Yakima Valley. Combined with the family’s strong agricultural heritage, it has led to a flourishing orchard that continues to carry on the tradition of bringing the most delicious and healthful fruit to their neighbors, both here at home and around the world.

Collins Family Orchards

520 Parish Road, Selah

Since 1905, Collins Family Orchards has been bringing fresh produce to the people of Selah, with the now fourth-generation family farm sustainably growing a variety of fruits in their sun-dappled grove. Here, the goal is quality, not quantity, which means the Collins family prunes their trees and thin the fruit set extensively.

In addition, they are continuously searching for more perfect fruit, meaning they test new varieties each year by grafting and planting new fruits in an experimental block in the orchard. With the many different varieties grown, along with growing the best of the established varieties, they are able to ensure they produce nothing but the best selection all year long for their customers, making them the absolute best source of the old and the new!

Yakima Orchards
Fresh off the farm, at Johnson Orchards, rows of trees like these produce some of the tasty fruits you ever did enjoy, all of which can be found inside their Farm Market. Photo courtesy: Johnson Orchards

Johnson Orchards

4906 Summitview Avenue, Yakima

Same family, same location; since 1904, the historic Johnson Orchards has been providing the Yakima community with some of the freshest fruit and produce around. They grow everything from cherries to peaches, corn to carrots, and every other fruit and vegetable in between.

All these farm-to-table goodies can be found at their exclusive Farm Market, which sits inside a 1916 fruit packing warehouse. Inside, patrons will also find an assortment of freshly baked homemade goods available for purchase, along with an extensive collection of other terrific local products, including Single Hill Brewery beers, Crafted Coffee, Rooted in Candles, Freehand Cellars and Gilbert Cellars wines, Tieton Cider, and Selah Ridge Lavender products.

Yakima Orchards
Washington Fruit Place at Barrett Orchards offers plenty of fun U-pick opportunities throughout the summer and into the fall season. Photo courtesy: Yakima Valley Tourist Information Center

Washington Fruit Place at Barrett Orchards

1209 Pecks Canyon Road, Yakima

Enjoy mouth-watering, tree-ripened, freshly grown from the rich, volcanic soil of the Yakima Valley at Washington Fruit Place, brought to the Yakima community by the one and only Barrett Orchards. Cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears, and apples from the orchard can all be found in this spectacular barn that customers are invited to peruse as it’s also filled with various local gifts that are perfect for any occasion. All these fresh fruits are coaxed from carefully tended trees by six generations. Guests are also welcome to stroll leisurely through this beautiful orchard from which the bountiful harvest came!

From their farms to your table, these bountiful orchards have provided the Yakima community with some of the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables available worldwide as they lead Washington’s produce production. So the next time you bite into a crisp apple or savor a juicy peach, remember, there’s a richness in our beloved Yakima community unlike any other. It’s a taste of sunshine, a testament to generations of farmers, and a promise of our region’s abundance for years to come as it continues to feed the masses, all of which wouldn’t be possible without these amazing local orchards.  

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