The Yakima Valley is home to wineries galore, many of which use grapes grown right in the Valley or even grow their own. But the city of Yakima itself is also home to a few tasting rooms and they’re perfect if you prefer your wine tastings near city amenities.

AntoLin Cellars: 14 North Front Street, Yakima

Named for husband and wife team Antonio and Linda Haralson, AntoLin Cellars has its own vineyard where their Chardonnay, Carmenere and Malbec all originate. A few other select vineyards also contribute to the winery’s other wines. The tasting room can fit up to 100 guests, making it a great place for an event. Also keep an eye out for events, so be sure to check to their website for upcoming dates.

Gilbert Cellars

Tasting Room: 5 N Front Street, Yakima

Winery: 2620 Draper Rd Yakima

Five generations of the Gilbert family have farmed the Yakima Valley, and there’s even a nearby peak named for relative Curtiss R. Gilbert. The winery is open to tours and events by appointment only, but you can drop into the tasting room anytime during business hours to try their wine, they offer both whites and reds. There are also events throughout the year at both locations. Check the Gilbert Cellars event calendar for upcoming dates.

Kana Winery: 10 S 2nd Street, Yakima

The Kana Winery has five vineyards! You can taste their wines at their tasting room in Yakima, where you can sample their latest releases in a bistro-style setting. On the weekends they have live music, and Monday through Thursday they have happy hour. Visit the Kana Winery website for information on upcoming events

Mill Lane Winery: 12302 Marble Road, Yakima

Family-fun Mill Lane specializes in unique wines created from local produce. They have a full line of red and whites as well as delicious fruit wines, totally 35 different wines that you can mix and match to create a flight. Tastings are available by appointment. Visit their website to book.

Naches Heights Vineyard: 1857 Weikel Road, Yakima

Naches Heights Vineyard grows their grapes sustainably and organically, and is one of the first vineyards in the state to attain LIVE and Salmon Safe certifications. Wine tasting and tours are by appointment only, so call 509-945-4062 to set up a time prior to arrival. They hold events throughout the year as well, so it’s a good idea to check their event calendar to see what’s happening next.

Wilridge Vineyard: 250 Ehler Road, Yakima

If you are looking for a mini-getaway or a day out in the country, Wilridge Vineyard is a fine choice. The tasting room is inside a 100-year-old farmhouse next to the vineyard. You can grab a map and explore the grounds, where you can explore trails to the cliffs and take hikes to the winery and distillery. Bikes are allowed on the trails as well. The vineyard has  an AirBNB for those looking to make a weekend out of their stay. Check their website for upcoming events.

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