If you are a beer drinker, then you know there is nothing like a tall glass of locally brewed goodness. The Yakima Valley’s ability to grow the finest produce (including lots and lots of hops) allows craft breweries in the area to create the best beverages using local ingredients. In fact, over 75 percent of the nation’s hops are produced in the Yakima Valley! If you are looking to try some local craft flavor, try one of these Yakima breweries.

Thirsty for some history? Be sure to check out the American Hop Museum too.

Hop Nation Brewery Company & The Phoenix Room

Hop Nation Brewery, owned by master brewer Ben Grossman, focuses on Washington State agricultural products, especially Yakima Valley Hops and Columbia Valley grain. The brewery has a tasting room and a kitchen with a menu created specially to complement their beers on draught. Expect the usual round of beers like its Ego IPA and plenty of seasonal brews, as well as a few decidedly different brews like a German Weiss and an oat-infused cream pale ale. They have events throughout the year in The Phoenix Room. Check out their event webpage or follow them on Facebook for upcoming dates.

31 N. 1st Avenue, Yakima

Berchman's Brewing
Similar to Belgian-style beers, Berchman Brewing’s bottles have been conditioned, which really changes the flavor. Photo courtesy: Berchman’s Brewing

Berchman’s Brewing Company & Taproom

If you are looking for something unique, try Berchman’s Brewing Company. Known as a nano brewery, the process starts with artesian water and the finest hops and grains. What truly sets Berchman apart are their bottles. Similar to Belgian-style beers, their bottles have been conditioned, which really changes the flavor. Instead of having the carbonation added through C02 forcibly pumped into the sealed container, conditioned beers use yeast to carbonate the beer naturally after it ferments. The beer will often appear cloudy with suspended yeast. What does this do to the flavor? Berchman’s Brewing Company says the flavor becomes “better and more complex with age.” They also strive to be 100 percent waste free and partner with local small farms and gardens to utilize their spent grain. Be sure to check out their cozy taproom. For upcoming events, visit their Facebook page.

25 North Front Street #2, Yakima

Wandering Hop
Wandering Hop offers a variety of beer, including heavily hopped IPAs, imperial stouts, ambers, pales, and seasonal beverages. Photo courtesy: Wandering Hop

Wandering Hop

As the name implies, Wandering Hop’s owners, Sonny and Nathan Cooper, offer beers inspired by their travels and experiences. They offer a variety, including heavily hopped IPAs, imperial stouts, ambers, pales, and seasonal beverages. With fun names like Death by Donuts and 369 Damn She Fine, it’s a great stop for anyone looking for gifts. The taproom features an industrial feel paired with the warm tones of raw wood and a giant world map, accenting their theme. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

508 N. 20th Avenue, Yakima

Redifer Brewing Company

If you want to try Redifer Brewing Company’s unique beers, you have to head to their taphouse. They don’t distribute, so it’s literally the only place in the world you can experience their beverages. And don’t look for named brews. Their drinks don’t have any because they say they come out a bit different each time, meaning every time you visit you are guaranteed a new beer. What you can expect is that there will always be at least one IPA on the tap list, but Redifer doesn’t focus on IPAs by any means so you’ll spot plenty of types of ale (red ale, amber, blonde, and whatever else the team creates when you visit), ESB, stouts and more. Follow their Facebook page for upcoming events.

125 E Yakima Avenue, Yakima

Single Hill Brewery
Single Hill Brewing is a great place to take the whole family and has plenty of variety in their beers. Photo credit: Ty Paxton

Single Hill Brewing

If you are looking for a family-friendly brewery with a lot of variety, Single Hill Brewery may be the one. With an emphasis on hop variety, flavor and aroma, the brewery has 16 taps in their taproom stocked with a large variety of brews, including light, tart and fruity sours, IPAs, and more. They even have experimental beers on tap for those looking to try something new. The kid-friendly taproom has food served by 5 Salsas on the patio. They also have other visiting food trucks on a regular basis, check their Facebook page for up-to-date information.

102 N Naches Avenue, Yakima

Bale Breaker Brewing Company  

For the owners of Bale Breaker Brewing Company, hops are in the genes. Fourth generation hop farmers, siblings Meghann Quinn and Kevin Smith are carrying on the family’s work with their brewery, which has grown to be the fourth largest in Washington State in just six years. They pride themselves on “fresh off the farm” beers. The company produces four canned beers (Field 41 Pale Ale, Topcutter IPA, Bottomcutter IIPA, Leota Mae IPA), and also has a taproom onsite with seasonal bears on draft. They also create small, limited brews that are available at the taproom only. Check their website for upcoming events.

1801 Birchfield Road, Yakima

Yakima Craft Brewing Company

The Yakima Craft Brewing Company has been focusing on craft ales and lagers, emphasizing full-body and unique flavors since they opened in 2008. They were the second brewery to open in Yakima County. Visit their Facebook page for upcoming events.

2920 River Road #6, Yakima

Yakima Valley Brewery
Korey Shroyer and Joseph Daily, two of the three owners at Valley Brewing Company, try out their own brew. Photo credit: Nast Co Photography

Valley Brewing Company

Three friends started Valley Brewing Company as a home brewing project after college. After many trials and errors, their taproom opened in 2016. Since then, they have been pouring their brews inside their renovated, 50-year-old location. In addition to what they have on tap (expect a strong showing of IPAs), the brewery releases one can a month of a special beer with a fun name and a cool can design, perfect for the collector or someone looking for a gift. Check their website and Facebook page for upcoming events.

3215 River Road, Yakima

Cowiche Creek Brewing Company

Husband and wife team Maria and Derrick Nordberg both grew up on farms in Central Washington. With a love of beer and hops, they decided their legacy was going to be a brewery estate – complete with their own brew house, hop yards and commercial processes. Their love of hops comes through in their beer, which is less malt and definitely more hops. Cowiche Creek Brewing Company’s beer is full of aroma and flavor unique to the Yakima Valley’s hops – citrus, pine and tropical fruit. You can head to their beautiful taproom for the beers and to learn more about how they make it, but also look for them at many local businesses. For upcoming brewery events, check their website or Facebook page.

514 Thompson Road, Cowiche

Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant  

Snipes Mountain Brewery and Restaurant has the distinction of being the first brewery in Yakima County. They blend their Yakima Valley hops with malts from the Northwest and Europe and use pure house yeast in their many styles of ales. Head Brewer Ryan Wattenbarger strives to produces a wide variety of beers to suit all tastes. There is a full restaurant on-site, so bring the whole family for a lovely lunch or dinner, and breakfast is served on the weekends. The menu is classic Americana – burgers, sandwiches, beer battered cod – mixed in with fettuccini alfredo, ahi tuna, clams and pizza. Anyone can find something to eat on this menu.

905 Yakima Valley Highway, Sunnyside

Varietal Beer Company

Varietal Beer Company has one goal, “to produce beers that provide you with unique experiences and flavors using the best that the Yakima Valley has to offer in hops, barrels and fruit.” At the taproom, they will often have guest taps and ciders, allowing you to try other local breweries and distilleries in the same location. Children and leashed dogs are allowed in the taproom and beer garden. You can bring outside food into their taproom, and on the weekends food trucks often stop by. For the kids, they have non-alcoholics seltzer made with carbonated brewing water. Order it plain or with flavored syrups or shrubs (a syrup with vinegar to create a tart flavor). They host events, including beer festivals, annually. Check their event calendar for details.

416 E. Edison Avenue, Sunnyside

Bron Yr Aur Brewing Company

Seven core beers make up the selection at Bron Yr Aur Brewing Company, an award-winning brewery. Want to know what a cheese zombie is? It’s just one reason to check out this brewery. This specialty food item is only available on Thursdays, in a limited amount, but they are worth it. Otherwise, be sure to try out their decadent pizza and for dessert, beer brownies, baked with their gold medal winning Thriller Pillar Porter. To learn about upcoming events, follow them on Facebook.

12160 US Highway 12, Naches

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