It’s easy to miss the “good old days” in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world. This longing for what once was frequently calls to our sense of nostalgia and drags us down memory lane —times when Friday night meant some affordable Pizza Hut and a stop at Blockbuster on the way home. Remember old-school gas pumps that didn’t make your wallet clench? Yes, those were the good old days and though we long for what was, we don’t have to always miss them so terribly. With the help of these antique stores in Yakima, we can take a walk through the past by shopping for some of our favorite forgotten items.

Yakima antique stores
Antique American oak furniture is their specialty at Hobbit Antiques. Photo courtesy: Hobbit Antiques

Hobbit Antiques

2450 S. Naches Rd., Naches

If you’re looking for quality antique American oak furniture for your home or office, consider stopping in at Hobbit Antiques, as it is their specialty. They carry everything from china cabinets, dining tables and chairs, bookcases, desks, and more. Their inventory even consists of top-of-the-line furniture brands, such as Berkey & Gray, Grand Rapids, Widdicomb, Karpen, Flint, and many others. Already have a favorite piece of antique furniture, but it needs some TLC? Well, then you’re in luck because Hobbit Antiques also does antique furniture restoration and repair as well!

Cobblestones Gifts and Antiques

3715 River Rd., Yakima

Since 1984 Cobblestones Gifts and Antiques has provided fabulous and vintage gifts to the Yakima community. As a friendly neighborhood gift shop, you will find the perfect antique gift for any occasion. They strive to provide quality vintage products, courteous service, and even speedy delivery to all antiquers who venture into their little neck of the woods to treasure hunt, and the best part is that there are hundreds of items to choose from!

Flippers Antiques

Yakima antique stores
It’s antiques galore at Flippers Antiques thanks to their many vendors and estate sales. Photo courtesy:
Flippers Antiques & Estate Sales

519 W. Yakima Ave., Yakima

There’s always something new to be found at Flippers Antiques, thanks to their rotating inventory. With over 25 vendors and great prices, they’re the perfect stop for any treasure hunter looking for an antique goldmine. Besides the fantastic vendors, Flippers Antiques also functions as an estate sale company, offering a wide variety of estate sale items and frequently hosting estate sales. They’ll even appraise your own authentic antiques, valuables, and vintage items, so don’t hesitate to bring them with you when you stop in to shop!

Vintage Me

Yakima antique stores
Though the dress may be made in this century, slipping such a piece on is sure to feel like you’ve taken a step back in time. Photo courtesy: Vintage Me Boutique

106 S. 3rd St., Yakima

Fresh from celebrating their 7th anniversary in serving Yakima eclectic vintage items and antiques is Vintage Me on South Third Street. Those visiting the shop will be inspired by their creative repurposing of older things, making them like new once again with life. Besides the delightfully refurbished vintage, they also offer a wide variety of old-school clothing, classic jewelry, and antique gifts.

Somewhere in Time/That 70s Shop

3911 1st St., Union Gap

Whether you know it as Somewhere in Time or That 70s Shop, you can’t go wrong shopping for antiques at this specialty shop in Union Gap! You’ll definitely be in good hands as owner Richard has been in the business of collecting vintage for the past 26 years. As a result of his years of dedication to all things antique, he has accumulated quite the collection that can be browsed through at his brick-and-mortar shop. Step inside and take a walk down memory, and don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions, as he’s more than happy to help!

Sideshow Antiques

Yakima antique stores
Sideshow Antiques really love the strange and unusual antiques, like their clown friends. Photo courtesy: Sideshow Antiques

3601 W. Washington Ave. Yakima

Specializing in antiques in the form of oddities in Yakima is Sideshow Antiques on Washington Avenue. They offer a wide array of strange and usual items in-store and online on their Etsy page. In the spirit of their name, popular antiques that can be found at their shop are various clown-inspired artifacts and the occasional creepy doll. They can’t guarantee that the items aren’t haunted, but they can ensure that you’ll have a fabulous time perusing all their unique antiques and collectibles.

Granny’s Attic

4215 Main St., Union Gap

Yakima antique stores
Granny’s Attic not only carries a variety of antiques and vintage pieces but also newer gently used items as well. Photo courtesy:
Granny’s Attic

Owner Jerry of Granny’s Attic is on a mission to clean out the attic and bring those forgotten relics of the past out of storage to be displayed in the homes of antique and vintage lovers. Besides their wide selection of collectibles, they also carry a variety of gently used furniture and appliances alongside their specialty antique items. Jerry prides themself on the ability to offer all members of our Yakima community these extra items at amazingly affordable prices that won’t break your wallet like the big box stores. They sincerely hope that you’ll visit them and see for yourself that there is always something interesting in the attic!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy the good old days by visiting any of these Yakima community antique and vintage shops! Who knows? You might just be reunited with an old friend.

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