It was around 300 B.C. when the first libraries began to pop up in our developing world, safekeeping the history of human development between four walls in the form of magnificent architectural masterpieces. As time marched on, the art of printing was developed and introduced to the world, making it easier to create books for mass publication. As a result, the model of bookselling that we know today began to emerge in the nineteenth century. Today, there are millions of bookstores worldwide, including some in our own Yakima community, just waiting for curious wanderers to venture in and find new adventures between the bound pages of a book.

Yakima bookstores
Inklings also like to promote local authors, like these books that were signed by local author Donald Orminski and sold in store. Photo courtesy: Inklings Bookshop

Inklings Bookshop

5629 Summitview Ave., Yakima

Serving the Yakima community’s book needs since the year 2000 is our very own Inklings Bookshop. They offer a wide variety of subjects from fiction to picture books, early readers to young adults, books on matters of religion to science, and everything else in between. Teachers even get a 20% discount on all books at Inklings Bookshop and a 25% discount on orders over $500, or when ten or more copies of a single title are ordered. For those either running book clubs or Bible studies, Inklings also offers them a discount of 10% for prepaid orders of five or up to 20% off if you order more than that. They believe wholeheartedly in giving back to the community in any way they can while sharing the joy of reading in the Yakima community.

Encore Books

Yakima bookstores
There’s a wide variety of used books waiting at Encore Books at affordable prices. Photo courtesy: Encore Books

415 Walnut St., Yakima

Central Washington’s largest used bookseller is none other than Yakima Valley’s very own Encore Books, which has been serving the community for over 30 years. For hardcore readers who can’t buy enough books, they’re the perfect bookstore to shop at as they promise to help you save money on all your favorite reading material. In the store, all used books are half-off the cover price, or maybe even less! Of course, they still offer a selection of new book titles as well, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for on their shelves, they’re happy to help you track down that hard-to-find masterpiece, so you don’t have to.

Churchill’s Booklovers’ Haunt

125 S. 2nd St., Yakima

Yakima bookstores
Churchill’s offers a wide variety of unique and unusual antiques and has been selling all things eclectic since 1931. Pictured is owner Jerry Wheeler. Photo courtesy: Churchill’s Booklovers’ Haunt

If you’re looking for a bookstore with something a little extra going on, then look no further than Churchill’s Booklovers’ Haunt. Besides used and rare books, they also have other strange and wonderfully unusual items for sale in the form of antiques. They promise you’ll be surprised by all the magical objects they have for sale in their wonderfully eclectic shop. They’ve been open in the area since 1931, so their collection is very extensive, filled with not only books but also antique clocks, old toys, vintage collectibles, and more! They’re always looking to expand their collection of unusual items, so they urge you to call them first if you ever find those unique and forgotten items whenever you find yourself decluttering, and you’re not quite sure what to do with what you found. 

HOPF Union Building and Bookstores

1015 W Nob Hill Blvd., Yakima

Yakima bookstores
Besides the books, the HOPF Union Building and Bookstore also sell a wide variety of Yakima Valley College merch and school supplies. Photo courtesy: HOPF Union Building and Bookstore

Nestled within the grounds of Yakima Valley College is the HOPF Union Building and Bookstore. They love not only serving the college students but everyone else who is part of the Yakima Valley community and assisting them with all their book lover needs. Besides the books, they also carry a wide variety of items for every college student’s needs. Everything from journals to calculators to computers and college merchandise can be found at the bookstore. They pride themselves on creating a diverse environment where learning can be fun for boys and girls of all ages, so bring in the kiddos and let them have a blast exploring the world through books!

The Yakima community is very fortunate to have such a wide variety of bookstores in the area taking care of all of our reading needs. Whether you’re a college student needing a textbook, a historian looking for works on the Civil War, or simply someone wanting the newest New York Times Best Seller, these four bookstores in our Yakima community have got you covered. Just pop on in and let them help you find your next great adventure between the pages.

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