It’s no secret that “get in shape” is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions when it comes time for those annual fresh starts in January. Even recent statistics for resolutions tallied that 20% of people plan to make losing weight their resolution in 2023, and another 23% plan on making living healthier their resolution, while 7% resolve to exercise in the new year. It’s a promise that many will make, yet it won’t be without challenges. These workout-ready fitness centers in the Yakima community are here to help you keep those resolutions for the upcoming new year.

Fitness Centers in Yakima
You can work out the weight at some death-defying heights at High-Steppe Climbing Center. Photo courtesy: High-Steppe Climbing Center

High Steppe Climbing Center

1015 E Lincoln Avenue

Those who feel like they’ve “tried it all” to get fit and feel as if they’ve gotten nowhere can try something new and exciting for a workout routine at High Steppe Climbing Center. Here you’ll learn the tactical and core-strengthening art of rock climbing. The 7,500 square feet of climbing walls and free-standing boulders will inspire you to reach new heights as you work with their highly experienced professionals to learn rope climbing and bouldering. They offer a wide variety of courses to help you expand and develop your skills. You go from beginner to expert, including top rope, lead, intro to movement, and intermediate technique courses. Kiddos can even get in on the fun, and the exercise, here in their very exciting and safe kid zone.

Volution Fitness

1020 S 64th Avenue

You’ll have 24-hour access to all your favorite workout equipment with a membership with Volution Fitness. They have a number of locations throughout the region, each specializing in its own exercises and specific equipment. Their West Valley, Terrace Heights, and Chesterly Park facilities offer weights and cardio workout options so you can burn calories and build those muscles. Their Volution Box Fit location on 35th Avenue is a boxing and cardio-only facility with plenty of room for movement and mobility exercises. Those looking to tone their bodies through high-intensity weight training can have their fitness needs met at their Total Body Bootcamp facility, also on 35th Avenue.

Yakima CrossFit

Fitness Centers in Yakima
At Yakima CrossFit, you’ll test your body’s limits with powerful workouts that tone all your muscles. Photo courtesy: Yakima CrossFit

722 N 16th Avenue, Ste 35

A seasoned group of coaches with a plethora of knowledge and experience in exercise instruction and the sport of CrossFit can be found at Yakima CrossFit. These coaches will work with you on your individual needs and goals in a team setting where you’ll bond with your group members and encourage each other along your fitness journeys. Those who fall in love with the activity can work toward competing competitively in the sport of CrossFit if they like or work toward getting in the best shape of their life with their dedicated coaches and teammates. During these workouts, you’ll follow a program based on “The 10 General Physical Skills” that will cover every area of athletic activity to help you lose weight and tone up in those hard-to-reach places.

Renú Hot Yoga

Fitness Centers in Yakima
At Renú Hot Yoga, you’ll stretch your muscles while also stretching your mind with focused meditation. Photo courtesy: Renú Hot Yoga

2209 W Nob Hill Blvd.

Since 2015 Renú Hot Yoga has been helping its members stretch their muscles and mind as they bend, twist, and contort their way to better health. Dedicated instructors assist their students in developing their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through courses designed to shape the mind and body. These instructors understand that each body type is different, so they’ll provide feedback and knowledge to help guide each individual through their mediation and with their specific needs. Various classes are offered for beginners to experts, including Hot 26, a 26-posture practice sequence that combines breath with mental focus to develop your awareness, flexibility, and strength, all leading toward relaxation. Others classes offered include Vinyasa, Yin, Ritual Yin, and Bala Sculpt.

Yakima Athletic Club

Fitness Centers in Yakima
With a membership to Yakima Athletic Club, you can take advantage of their aquatic center and enjoy the water with your workout, no matter the season. Photo courtesy: Yakima Athletic Club

2501 Racquet Lane

Driven to make fitness and better health fun and part of everyone’s life for over 40 years is Yakima Athletic Club. It’s the perfect place for those who are all about results, as they guide you toward your fitness goals and dreams every step of the way. Affordable memberships provide access to all their workout resources and amenities, including indoor pickleball, golf conditioning program, aquatic, group fitness courses, and group personal training. The latest equipment, up-to-date fitness programming, and knowledgeable, professional staff are available here as you find yourself on your way to a healthier lifestyle that they promise will change your life for the better.

Align Pilates Yakima

Fitness Centers in Yakima
At Align Pilates Yakima, you’ll meet a dedicated team of experienced trainers and instructors that will help you get healthy in the new year. Photo courtesy: Align Pilates Yakima

107 S 1st Street

You can start your fitness journey to optimal movement at Align Pilates Yakima. Classes here are focused on small group training where you’ll learn to strengthen, condition, and control your body’s movement. A dedicated team of instructors with diverse backgrounds, training and specialized certifications unique to themselves are happy to be your guide along the way. Each class consists of cardio, strength, stability, and flexibility exercises, providing workouts that will hit all the right spots while giving time for your body to recover.

Losing weight and getting healthier in the new year is a common resolution, and it often proves to be quite a challenging journey that can take a toll on any person. This is why all these local fitness centers in the Yakima community are here to help you keep that New Year’s resolution of living healthier in the new year.

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