The Olympic Peninsula – with its iconic coastal landscapes, temperate rainforest and hidden gems of natural wonder and beauty – offers a romantic year-round destination for couples who wish to discover the many gifts of our Pacific Northwest coast. Nestled within the Olympic National Park, the Kalaloch Lodge is the perfect romantic weekend getaway on the Washington coast. A rustic cabin overlooking the scenic ocean is waiting.

Stay in The Olympic National Park: Kalaloch Lodge and Cabins

getaway Washington coast Kalaloch Lodge
The oceanview cabins located at The Kalaloch Lodge offer a private sanctuary for couples who want to enjoy a romantic vacation while visiting the Olympic Peninsula. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Kalaloch means “a good place to land” in the Quinault language. The sandy beach located here was considered a safe landing place for the dugout canoes historically used by the Quinault people. Kalaloch Lodge offers a perfect home base to discover the many local attractions of the natural world located in the Olympic National Park. Choose the private Bluff Cabins looking over the ocean, the log cabin-style Kalaloch Cabins that sit behind the Bluff Cabins, the Seacrest House with its cozy studio rooms, or the main lodge with its soulful charm.

Thankfully Wi-Fi or TV access is not offered at this property. The Kalaloch experience is an immersion for the senses, and an opportunity to leave feeling rested and deeply connected.

Where To Eat in the Olympic National Park

getaway Washington coast Kalaloch Lodge
Chef Jackson Kramer serves a northwest elk burger, a favorite item on the menu from the visitors who enjoy local fare and the panoramic views of the ocean while dining in. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Upon your arrival, experience the Creekside Restaurant with panoramic views of the ocean. Their entire menu is created with ingredients sourced within 150 miles of the restaurant, guaranteeing fresh, local flavors. And what pairs better with local flavors than wine from a Washington State winery?

Chef Jackson Kramer shared that Creekside is a Certified Green Restaurant due to their extensive efforts in sustainable practices. His favorite dish is the grilled king salmon with quinoa kale and pickled cucumber. Many couples love to try the northwest elk burger with arugula, caramelized onion and bacon jam, he says.

Natural Attractions of the Olympic Peninsula

After a lazy morning, walk hand-in-hand along the short trail from the Kalaloch Lodge towards the Kalaloch Campground. From the parking lot of the campground, there is well-marked beach access. Upon entering the sand, head north along the driftwood-lined beach to find The Tree of Life also called the Kalaloch Tree Root Cave. Here, couples can share a sweet moment from below the suspended root system of this mysterious tree. A small waterfall flows down the embankment in the center of the tree, making everything about this place extraordinary.

getaway Washington coast Kalaloch Lodge
While visiting Kalaloch Lodge, adventure out to Beaches 1 through 4, located just minutes from the bluff side cabins of the lodge. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Beach 1 and 2 are a short drive south of Kalaloch Lodge, while Beach 3 and 4, as well as the famous Ruby Beach, are all located north of the lodge within eight miles. Although Each beach is unique and offers stunning forest trails with interpretive signs, driftwood bridges, boulders and vertical sea stacks.

A day trip to the Hoh Rain Forest will surely be one of the highlights of this romantic adventure. The .8-mile Hall of Mosses Trail and 1.2-mile Spruce Nature Trail will be an invigorating sensory experience before retiring by the fire upon your return to the lodge.

Kalaloch Lodge Is a Pet-Friendly Resort in the Olympic National Forest

For three consecutive years, Ben and Erin Braudrick have visited the Kalaloch Lodge during the winter season. They reserve one of the private Bluff Cabins, complete with a small kitchen, a picture window overlooking the ocean and a cozy fireplace for a complete staycation experience.

“We come here to storm watch, to spend time together in a special place, and to adventure in the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula,” Ben shares. Erin appreciates that the Kalaloch Lodge cabins are dog friendly. After sleeping in to the sound of the crashing waves, Ben and Erin walk the nearby trails and beaches with their dog, Dottie.

getaway Washington coast Kalaloch Lodge
Ben and Erin Braudrick enjoy an evening nightcap at the Creekside Restaurant located at the Kalaloch Lodge after a stormy day of exploring the Olympic National Park together. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

They shared that the South Fork of the Hoh River – Big Flat trailhead is a hidden gem and less crowded than the main Hoh Rainforest. “It’s the road less traveled,” Ben adds. “Enjoy the rainforest in a more private way. Make sure to bring rain gear so you can fully enjoy and appreciate one of the best places in the Pacific Northwest. It’s so reviving, and it’s always so green. Makes a hot shower and a Port Hot Toddy at the Creekside Restaurant so rewarding.”

For those who appreciate history, feel that food should have a good story, seek authenticity in experiences and wish to feel the sacredness of a place, consider a short road trip that will take you and your loved one into what many consider to be a magical portal. With each mile driven away from urban centers, couples will feel energized by the excitement of possibility as they venture west into wonderland. Book your weekend getaway to the Olympia National Forest by visiting the Kalaloch Lodge website today.

Google Map: Kalaloch Lodge


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