With the summer heat comes the importance of keeping hydrated and cooling off amid the rising temperatures throughout the day. However, such rising temps actually tempt us to reach for an ice-cold soda which, quite frankly, isn’t the best idea because caffeine is a diuretic. This means that caffeine further advances your dehydration, so it’s not really the best beverage to cool off with. So what’s a person to drink? Well, lucky for members of the Yakima community, there are plenty of yummy, cool, and sometimes frozen drink options out there to help cool off this summer!

frozen drinks Yakima
A wide variety of yummy drink options that are healthy can be found at NUYU Juice Bar. Photo courtesy: NUYU Juice Bar

NUYU Juice Bar

2209 W. Nob Hill Blvd.

Created with the goal of offering the Yakima community a healthier fast food option is NUYU Juice Bar on Nob Hill Boulevard. This local juice bar understands that with our already fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to put effort into healthy food options as unhealthy food tends to be right at our fingertips for those always on the go. As a solution, they began to experiment with juices as they allow our bodies to absorb an optimal amount of nutrients from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables efficiently; thus, NUYU Juice Bar was born.

With a wide selection of yummy drinks to choose from, they promise that no matter which one you pick, you can’t go wrong as each one is designed to help with weight loss, renew your energy, and provide an overall feeling of awesomeness.

KIKI Restaurant BoBa Tea & Chinese & Teriyaki

frozen drinks Yakima
Enjoy pop-able bubbles in the form of boba tea at KIKI Restaurant. Photo courtesy: KIKI Restaurant BoBa Tea

505 W Yakima Ave.

Though KIKI Restaurant BoBa Tea & Chinese & Teriyaki may be famous for its Chinese and Teriyaki, as the name suggests, it is also famous for its yummy boba tea. Besides having some of the most affordable prices for the unique drink full of pop-able bubbles, their boba tea is also the most traditional in the area as it is from Taiwan.

They’ve been quenching our community’s thirst since 1981, and their cute décor and friendly atmosphere have created the perfect spot for Yakima community members to enjoy a cool drink while beating the heat this summer.

Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant

frozen drinks Yakima
Yummy milkshakes are waiting to cool you off at Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant this summer. Photo credit: Michael Stern

2415 S. 1st St.

Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant in Yakima earns high marks for its thick and creamy milkshakes, a staple of its signature menu. Adding to the delicious sweet treat is a variety of complimentary additions to whichever flavor you pick, including fresh fruit, quality candy and cookies, and plenty of other mix-ins.

Milkshake connoisseurs speak very highly of the frozen treats they’ve been perfecting since they opened in 1948, with the most famous milkshakes being maple-walnut, pina colada, and banana cream pie. Yum!

Foundation Juice Bar

frozen drinks Yakima
The “cleanse pack” of six pre-made juices is pictured at Foundation Juice Bar for those who want to have healthy drink options at home. Photo credit: Evan Abell

6411 W Nob Hill Blvd., Suite 106

Opening recently in Yakima to offer residents fresh-cold pressed juice and smoothies along with healthy food options is Foundation Juice Bar.

Owners of the bar, Christian and Amber Rood, began juicing at home during the pandemic as a way to improve their health, and it quickly turned into a passion as they wanted to share their healthy concoctions with the rest of the community. Stop in yourself and browse their refreshing, healthy drink options to cool off this summer.

JayDay Café & Boba

frozen drinks Yakima
Refreshing boba-filled drinks await those that choose to cool off at JayDay Café & Boba this summer. Photo courtesy: JayDay Café & Boba

2402 S. 1st St., #102

Coffee and smoothies and boba, oh my! They can all be found at JayDay Café & Boba, along with milk and bubble tea, energy drinks, pastries, and other sweet food items. Owners Jayden and Dayana Nguyen bought the cute little after the previous tenant moved out, and they fought it a perfect fit as their family already owned the shop next door, JayDay Nails beauty salon.

The inviting atmosphere has welcomed Yakima residents and has thus made their menu the talk of the town. The sunset smoothie is popular, which features dragon fruit and pineapple, and “literally looks like a sunset,” according to Dayana. Fitting, considering the drink will definitely cool you off, just like sunsets tend to cool down the day!

Remember, staying hydrated in the summer heat is essential, so if you need a delicious libation to quench your thirst, these local Yakima drink hot spots can help you cool off!

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