Getting out of your shell and comfort zone can be difficult, but in Yakima valley, it shouldn’t be for lack of opportunities. There are some very talented people in town, and these local spots hosting open mic nights in Yakima can’t wait to hear what you’ve got.

open mic nights Yakima
Open Mic Nights in Yakima valley are the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Photo credit: Selene Fonseca

Bale Breaker Brewing Company

1801 Birchfield Road, Yakima

Need a break? Every Wednesday, Bale Breaker Brewing Company hosts an open mic night. The atmosphere is very welcoming to performers and listeners, as they have expanded their outdoor patio to include extra seating and a fire pit to gather around. Adults and children alike can dance and enjoy a night out at this relaxing, all-ages event. If your family enjoys playing cornhole, you’ll love visiting Bale Breaker, as they offer a cornhole set-up in the grass for guests.

While you’re there, why not grab that perfect summer bite to eat from a local food vendor? There is a rotating variety of local food vendors on hand for open mic night, one of which is Tandem Unicycle. They offer okonomiyaki, a Japanese cabbage pancake, along with other delicious options. Summertime should always be filled with wonderful music, tasty food, local beer and good company. Your evening at Bale Breaker will surely put a pep in your step to finish the long work week. Open mic at Bale Breaker Brewing Company takes place from 6 to 8 p.m.

open mic nights Yakima
Local talent, John Smestad, performing at Kana Winery. Photo credit: Selene Fonseca

Kana Winery

10 S 2nd Street, Yakima

Kana Winery, a downtown wine tasting room, offers a lot to the over 21 crowd. Every Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy live music while you sip on delicious local wines from Yakima and the Columbia Valley. The first Friday and Saturday of the month are reserved for hired groups, but every other Friday and Saturday is open to the public to share their talents.

Open mic at Kana is from 7 to 10 p.m. If you are looking into showcasing your singing skills at this location, you are advised to show up at 6 p.m., so you don’t miss out on the opportunity. Once the performances get underway, the lights are lowered to set the right ambiance to relax and listen to. Kana Winery, which was established in 2014, will kindly provide a guitar if you need one because they want the people to be able to perform even if they forget their instrument.

open mic nights Yakima
Open mic nights at North Town Coffeehouse, are held in their gorgeous sunroom. Photo credit: Selene Fonseca

North Town Coffeehouse

32 N Front Street, Yakima

North Town Coffeehouse, located in a renovated, early 20th-century train station, has served the Yakima community for the last 15 years. You can really feel that sense of community, mixed with old-world charm when you perform in or attend one of their open mic nights. They have held this and similar events for years and are eager to “get people back out to open mic night” after the pandemic-era closures. With its unique architecture and convivial atmosphere, North Town Coffeehouse’s open mic night would make for a perfect evening out.

The event begins at 5:30 and ends at 7 p.m. All poetry and musical performances are accepted as long as they are suitable for all ages. A mic and speaker system are provided for you. All you need is a voice, an instrument, and a little courage, so why not give it a try? Sign-up starts around 5 to 5:30 p.m. This locally owned coffeehouse welcomes and encourages local talent to showcase what they can do.

open mic nights Yakima
“We wanted to give people and bands the opportunity to play on a real stage and feel like it is their show for the timeslot they have,” says Ricky, the shop manager. Photo credit: Steven Fonseca

Bearded Monkey Music

1802 W Nob Hill Boulevard, Yakima

Bearded Monkey Music is a cool place that was established for musicians by musicians. Locally owned and operated, the shop has been open for nearly three years, providing the area with a venue to grow their musical interests. During the day, they offer a wonderful guitar shop experience with excellent staff to assist in any of your needs, from a new guitar or fixing up ol’ faithful.

After dusk, this humble music shop becomes a full-fledged live music venue. “We wanted to give people and bands the opportunity to play on a real stage and feel like it is their show for the timeslot they have,” says Ricky, the shop manager. “[We have] some of the best lighting in town.” The stage features a full backline drum set, bass amplifier, guitar amplifier, keyboard, and PA system. Hosted the last Thursday of each month, the stage is set to rock from about 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Whether it be a poem or your favorite song to sing, it’s time to show off what you’ve got at any of these local Yakima open mic nights. The atmosphere is different at every location, so find the one that feels right by visiting all of them. Regardless if you go to perform or just listen, it will be sure to leave you with a smile.

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