The history of grilling dates back farther than most would ever expect, dating back some 500,000 years ago, shortly after the domestication of fire itself. The ritual of backyard grilling that we know today is much more recent. Until the 1940s, grilling was mainly done at campsites and picnics. It wasn’t until after World War II, as the middle class began to move into the suburbs, that backyard grilling caught on and became all the rage of the 1950s.

Yakima burger restaurants
A delicious meal that can only be found at Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant. Photo courtesy: Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant

Of course, the weather for this favorite American pastime isn’t always favorable for grilling. So, what do you do when you crave a good burger but can’t fire up that grill? Why you visit these amazing local Yakima area burger restaurants to get your fix, of course!

Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant

2415 S. 1st St., Yakima

Serving the city of Yakima delicious burgers since 1948 is legendary Miner’s Drive-In Restaurant on 1st Street. Way back then, when the doors first opened, the hamburgers were 25 cents, and so were the shakes, and the drive-in business was in its infancy.

As the years wore on and the times changed, so did features of the restaurant, like adding a drive-thru and adjusting the menu to what it now is today with a dizzying array of entrees and side dishes, such as salads, BBQ, seafood, and their ever-famous onion rings. Through all the changes, one thing remained the same — the food is still excellent, and though that hamburger may not be 25 cents anymore, it’s still worth every penny, even now. 

Yakima burger restaurants
One of the most popular burgers on the Major’s Restaurant menu is the Tillamook burger. Look at all that cheese! Photo courtesy: Major’s Restaurant

Major’s Restaurant

1902 S 3rd Ave., Yakima

Locally owned and operated family business Major’s Restaurant is proudly serving the city of Yakima in not one but two locations in town. They specialize not only in quality fast food and great burgers but also chicken, seafood, and amazing breakfasts options along with yummy milkshakes.

Dynamic duo co-owner teams of Steve and Nancy Calhoun and Bob and Sheri Lockbeam run the almost 1950s era nostalgia restaurants. Steve and Nancy themselves are part of the Lower Yakima Valley farming community where they own and operate Farmland Fruit and Produce, which helps ensure that all the food at Major’s Burgers is farm fresh and ever so tasty. Bob and Sheri are 4-H Leaders in the community, and Bob himself worked as a production supervisor at Weyerhaeuser Container Board Packaging for 19 years before becoming involved in the restaurant business. You’re in good hands with this crew for your dining out experience! 

Stop and Go Drive Inn

2820 Fruitvale Blvd., Yakima

Yakima burger restaurants
Stop N Go Drive Inn has been serving hamburgers, ice cream, and much more to the Yakima Valley since 1948. Photo courtesy: Stop N Go Drive Inn

Also serving the city of Yakima hamburgers, ice cream, shakes, and much more since 1948 is Yakima’s very own Stop and Go Drive Inn on Fruitvale Boulevard. Today, owners Anthony and Josie Wade run the place after buying the business from his parents in 2014, who purchased it from the previous owners in 1994.

Though it may have changed hands, the setting has not. This restaurant is nestled on the same stretch of road with the quick pick-up window and the welcoming picnic tables in the nearby grassy area for people to enjoy their meal. Recently when asked what his favorite dish was on the menu, owner Anthony was happy to report that his favorite is The Texas Cheese Bacon Burger, filled with mayo, mustard, relish, pickles, onion, lettuce, and tomato. Yum!

Famous Burger and Teriyaki

401 W Lincoln Ave., Yakima

Yakima burger restaurants
This local patron of Famous Burger and Teriyaki is enjoying the Super Dave Burger, named after local and frequent customer Dave Roberts who is a Pastor at Yakima Celebrate Recovery. Photo courtesy: Famous Burger and Teriyaki

No other spot in town combines burgers and teriyaki like Famous Burger and Teriyaki on Lincoln Avenue. They pride themselves on having the best food in Yakima and boy do they deliver, especially when it comes to the burgers. They offer many options for their burgers that go beyond just the standard bacon, cheese, and onion rings found elsewhere.

At this local burger hotspot, you can order other combinations for your burger that include mushrooms, egg, jalapenos, and more. One exceptional burger on the menu that comes highly recommended is their Famous Bonsai Burger with a meat patty topped with ham, bacon, two slices of Swiss cheese, avocado, juicy pineapple, and grilled onions! It’s a massive burger meant to satisfy a monster appetite. 

Pepp’rmint Stick Drive-In

4002 Main St., Union Gap

If you want to step back in time for a good burger, consider paying a visit to Pepp’rmint Stick Drive-In! This 1950s era retro dining room experience is located in a family diner with deep roots in the city’s history. Pepp’rmint Stick Drive-In has been family-owned and operated for more than 70 years, serving up delicious food and even offering retro car shows to go with their theme every August.

Yakima burger restaurants
Is it 2022 or 1950?! You can hardly tell during car show season at Pepp’rmint Stick Drive-In! Photo courtesy: Pepp’rmint Stick Drive-In

There is an outdoor area that is dog friendly and perfect for a beautiful summer picnic for those wanting to stop in and enjoy a bite outside. On the menu is a wide variety of classics that have been perfected over the years, such as their juicy burgers, hearty milkshakes, and savory fries. Stop in today and try it for yourself to find out what’s kept them in business for so long!

Though it isn’t quite summer yet, and it’s not exactly grill-ready weather at the current moment, there’s no need to worry! All these classic local burger joints and more are ready and waiting in Yakima to satisfy your grilled burger needs until you can make your own, so enjoy!

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