It’s been a long, hard day at work, and it’s time to go home and unwind. However, the fun doesn’t immediately start there. There’s a hungry family waiting at home, and they’re all wondering what’s for dinner while cooking is the last thing on your mind. On days like this, you just want something simple that you can grab on the way and not think twice about it. And what’s something you can grab on the way home that never disappoints? Well, pizza, of course! And lucky for members of the Yakima community, there are plenty of local pizza places to choose from to make dinner easy.

Yakima pizza
Show up with a box from Tony’s Big Cheese Pizza for dinner and the whole family is bound to be happy! Photo courtesy: Tony’s Big Cheese Pizza

Tony’s Big Cheese Pizza

2204 W. Nob Hill Blvd. C, Yakima

Serving the Yakima community for over 25 years with the mission of being your “go-to” hometown pizzeria is Yakima’s very own Tony’s Big Cheese Pizza. Every morning their crew is up bright and early, working hard to ensure that all their pizzas are made with the freshest and finest ingredients.

Owners Karen and Tony have a deep love for their line of work, with pizza being their passion. Tony himself started off delivering pizzas all the way back in 1971 in Detroit, Michigan. When he and his wife moved back to Karen’s hometown of Yakima in 1992, they settled in and opened the doors to this very special pizzeria. With dough made fresh from scratch daily and cheese that’s ground every day using 100% real fresh cheese, any pizza you pick up here is bound to be a dinner hit.

Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta

Yakima pizza
Ladies of the Yakima Food Mob enjoying local pizza and Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta. Photo courtesy: Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta

2304 S. 1st St. Unit B, Yakima

If you’re looking to enjoy gourmet pizza and pasta in a cozy family atmosphere, then look no further than Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta. They’re providing top-notch service while making the experience truly unique by not just stopping at pizza. Try their other dishes, such as the spaghetti carbonara, for a genuine local experience.

No matter what dish you try, all meals are freshly prepared and made with nothing but the best ingredients for their customers. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, but the reviews don’t lie. One reviewer, Seth Katolas, commented on his experience, saying that Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta is “such a hidden gem in Yakima. Large portions, great food!… It’s only a couple of bucks, and it’s definitely worth it and more.”

Wild Fired Pizza

Yakima pizza
The wood fire stove that Wild Fired Pizza uses to make its delicious pizzas. Photo courtesy: Wild Fired Pizza

8501 Ahtanum Rd., Yakima

Offering “pizza the way it should be” to the Yakima community is Wild Fired Pizza on Ahtanum Road. They’ve been serving wood-fired pizza to residents of the city now for years, and they’re known for their great food and friendly atmosphere.

Besides the amazing apple wood-fired pizzas, they also serve sandwiches, salads, and sides. If you’re not in the mood for take-out, they’re happy to have you come in to relax with a beer and let them take care of the cooking while you also get to watch the game on the in-house TV.

Gus’s Pizza at the Sports Center

214 E. Yakima Ave., Yakima

Once upon a time, the Sports Center on Yakima Avenue named their famed neon rotating duck hunter sign Gus. Today Gus has found a new name for himself as Gus’s Pizza at The Sports Center, much to the delight of pizza lovers everywhere.

Yakima pizza
A look at some delish pizza at Gus’s Pizza at the Sports Center. Photo courtesy: The Sports Center

Their team works hard to prepare pizzas and meals using fresh, local products that are sure to consistently “wow” the taste buds of all who venture in for a fresh slice. Besides the great pizza, the bar at The Sports Center hosts events for those who want not only a taste of the pizza but also some fun local entertainment to unwind after a long work week.

Of course, you could always stop at Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars on the way home, but honestly, where’s the fun in that? So, shop local for your pizza and try some of Yakima’s unique, out-of-the-box flavor combinations and who knows; you might just find your favorite go-to pizza spot to stop at after those days where you just don’t feel like cooking.

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