Winter Storm Watching on the Washington Coast at Kalaloch Lodge

Winters in the Pacific Northwest bring rain, fog, wind and large ocean swells to the Washington coast. Take a front-row seat by booking a weekend getaway at the Kalaloch Lodge, located in the Olympic National Park. Make sure to reserve a Bluff Cabin with the option of a wood fireplace! The small kitchen and breakfast nook overlooking the ocean will create a memorable winter vacation. Whether you stay indoors or adventure out to some of the local natural attractions, the west end of the Olympic Peninsula provides breathtaking beauty that’s a perfect backdrop for winter storm watching on the Washington coast.

Winter storm Watching Washington coast
Enjoy a nightcap with a port hot toddy or play a board game by the fire at the Kalaloch Lodge. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Olympic National Park Trip: The Kalaloch Lodge and Creekside Restaurant

Choose from a variety of accommodations at The Kalaloch Lodge, from the rustic cabins that sit upon the bluff overlooking the ocean to the Seacrest House with studio rooms. For those who like the feeling of the historic lodge with its Pacific Northwest-inspired art and a large fireplace for sipping wine or playing a board game, there are lodge rooms available with rustic charm.

Expect a restful and renewing stay with an opportunity for greater connectivity as visitors will not find a TV in their room and may not have a Wi-Fi signal. As a pet-friendly establishment, make the Kalaloch Lodge a fun winter weekend for the whole family.

Winter storm Watching Washington coast
The Kalaloch Lodge features beautiful maritime art throughout the Lodge and Creekside Restaurant. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Bring your own groceries to prepare home-cooked meals in the cabins or dine at the Creekside Restaurant located inside the lodge. With local and sustainably-sourced fare, including a robust Washington wine list, The Creekside Restaurant offers warmth, panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and a culinary team that cares about the guest experience.

Winter Activities and Attractions of The Washington Coast Near Kalaloch Lodge

Winter storm Watching Washington coast
Make sure to bring waterproof boots to explore the many forest trails, beach walks and temperate rainforests, all located in the Olympic National Park. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Explore Beaches 1, 2, 3, 4 and Ruby Beach to discover the unique beauty and diverse landscapes. A three-minute drive south of Kalaloch Lodge leads to Beaches 1 and 2. Each offers a unique walk along a forested trail, and many will delight in the wonderland feel of the spruce burls lining the well-maintained path. Ten minutes north, stop at Beaches 3, 4 and Ruby Beach to take advantage of minimal visitors during the winter season.  With charming wooden bridges, sea stacks, tidepools, wildlife, and the stunning backdrop of the iconic Washington cliffsides, adventures to the foamy waters of the sea will create lasting memories.

From the Kalaloch Lodge, walk or drive North to the Kalaloch Campground and witness the extraordinary Tree of Life – Tree Root Cave – with its mysterious growth pattern. The roots are exposed, and a small waterfall flows underneath.

Winter storm Watching Washington coast
Jane and Lucas Shuler bring their two kids to the Tree of Life at Kalaloch Campground as an annual family tradition. They rent a Bluff Cabin at the Kalaloch Lodge for a long weekend of storm watching and nature play. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Jane and Lucas Shuler from Seattle visit every year and stay with their two children at a private cabin at the Kalaloch Lodge. “We always visit The Tree Of Life, Ruby Beach and the Hoh Rain Forest,” Jane shares. “As a family tradition, we choose the winter months to visit in hopes of a big storm. It is quiet here without the crowds and perfect for our family to enjoy time with one another.”

Winter storm Watching Washington coast
Jess Caldwell retreats to her Bluff Cabin at the Kalaloch Lodge after a long day of exploring trails and the Kalaloch beaches. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

The Hoh Rain Forest is an inspiring winter day trip with diverse ecosystems and wild nature. Erin and Ben Braudrick, who travel from Port Angeles with their dog Dottie have stayed at the Kalaloch Lodge in a Bluff Cabin for the last three years. “We come here for storm watching and love the sideways rain, the big waves and the sound of the crashing surf,” Ben explains. “We are prepared with warm clothes and rain gear and prefer the off-season as we have the beaches and rainforest to explore without the throngs of summer vacationers.”

If storm-watching on the Washington coast feels like an enticing winter vacation, visit the Enjoy Olympic Peninsula website to discover the possibilities.


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