The world is in bloom again as all creatures emerge from hibernation and begin to venture out on summertime adventures. Life is well, and alive again and buzzing as the warm weather invites us all outside. The replenished trees, fresh-cut grass, and blooming flowers are waiting to greet us into the great outdoors. Lucky for the Yakima community, there are also plenty of local plant shops in the area. They are ready and waiting to help you get your bloom on once again as you decorate your own personal great outdoors or garden, whichever you prefer!

Yakima plant shops
A beautiful display at Roots Nursery and Landscape showcasing their wide variety of indoor plants. Photo courtesy: Roots Nursery & Landscape

Roots Nursery & Landscape

6710 Tieton Dr., Yakima

Roots Nursery & Landscape has been a lifelong dream come true for owner Bryan who has always wanted to own his own business since he was a little kid. When it came time to grow up and join the workforce, Bryan worked in the landscape industry. He then graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Landscape Architecture.

He had a dream to start a business involving plants, and eventually, that dream came true when he learned that Russell’s Nursery was for sale in Yakima and jumped on the chance to buy it. It’s been a big change from Nevada to Washington for his large family of seven, but they’re ready to dive in and invite the whole community to “Come Grow with Us!” at what is now known as Roots Nursery and Landscape.

Yakima plant shops
A beautiful array of flowers await outside at the Verdant Yakima plant nursery. Photo courtesy: Verdant

Verdant Yakima

4001 Summitview Ave., Yakima

Locally owned and operated, Verdant Yakima is a neighborhood nursery run by owners Erin Anderson and Mitch Evans. Both have a strong love of plants, and in their quest to satiate their unbounded love for gardening, they realized that they were making many trips to independent nurseries outside of the Yakima community.

From this, they recognized the need for a high-end nursery in the area, and thus Verdant was born. Offering a wide variety of unique plants for passionate gardeners, they have created a shopping experience for gardeners that is designed to inspire creativity, with the staff prioritizing exceptional customer service and expert gardening advice along the way. They invite everyone in the Yakima community to linger and explore the beauty and diversity that can only be found at Verdant!

Yakima plant shops
The Cascade Garden Shop has a wide variety of unique and interesting flower pots and vases. Photo courtesy: The Flower Shop at Cascade Garden

The Cascade Garden Shop

2529 Main St., D-01, Union Gap

Since November 2020, The Cascade Garden Shop has called the Valley Mall home in Union Gap. What started as an invitation to create a temporary holiday pop-up shop in the old Men’s Wearhouse space had such an overwhelming response from locals that they decided to stay.

Those who visit the shop can’t help but feel as if they’ve been transported to a unique and special place as they walk into a scene of green everywhere — a plant lover’s dream! Besides the fantastic selection of indoor plants, they also have a wonderful selection of stones and gemstones, unique gifts, fine locally crafted items, and jewelry.

Yakima plant shops
The Planted Home just kicked off summer with a May Day sales event. Photo courtesy: The Planted Home

The Planted Home

5110 Tieton Dr., Suite 280, Yakima

Among the rubble that was COVID, emerged the wonderful and plant-iful The Planted Home in Yakima’s very own Glenwood Square shopping center. Former kindergarten teacher of 18 years Timi Nugent opened the store to give the Yakima community a dedicated houseplant shop in one convenient location.

In addition to the plants, the store also has plenty of plant books, food, hangers, and pots, and of course, no visit is complete without leaving with one of their famous “All I need is more plants” T-shirts!

The variety of plant shops in the Yakima community is blooming as passionate plant lovers like the owners of these shops recognize a need for more specialty stores in the area. They’re all ready and waiting to help nurture your green thumb, so what are you waiting for? Visit one of these local plant shops in Yakima and bloom with them this gardening season!

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