Mix up your next Friday night routine with any of these distinctive theme bars around Yakima. Each of these four fun bars offers cool specialty drinks with clever menu names in fun atmospheric environments.

Yakima theme bars
Game & Grog features drinks referencing an array of video games, like this citrusy cocktail called the Cortana. Photo credit: Haley Mallula

Game & Grog

As the most intense theme bar on this list, Game & Grog offers one of the most unique drinking experiences you’ll ever have. The three main seating choices you’ll see when you walk inside Game & Grog will be at the bar itself, the parallel bench tables, or a skiff around the entire perimeter. Each location offers the potential for different types of gaming. Tables are meant for board or card games, the skiffs for original Nintendo, and the bar for modern Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch games.

Room is made weekly for specific events that include “Guitar Hero” and “Rockband” tournaments and “Gaymer” nights. The clientele I’ve met here have been the most fun but also the most considerate. Nobody goes over their time in one particular game, so everyone gets a turn on their favorite platforms.

The staff is thoughtful, friendly and hardworking. You’ll never wait too long for a drink, nor will you be disappointed in what you get, either.

The drinks served at Game & Grog are among my favorite out of every bar on this list. The adult beverages are themed, fair priced and delectable. Even if you aren’t a traditional gamer, a trip to Game & Grog is a great way to spend a night with your friends and indeed make some more.

Yakima theme bars
Punks Bar in Yakima makes dining and drinking a pleasant experience with custom food adaptations at close-by tables so the wait is never long. Photo credit: Haley Mallula

Punks Bar

For a more quintessential bar experience, give Punks Bar a try. Punks is a fairly new addition to Yakima hosting live concerts that, at the moment, are booked out into December. With a moody atmosphere and 1990s nostalgia to boot, enjoy any of their creative cocktails without regret in mind. Whether you like sweet or savory, Punks has you covered with a combination of energy drink-based cocktails, fruity fun mixtures and a signature peanut butter delight that tastes like dessert in a cup.

Punks Bar is very active on their social media pages, where they promote a plethora of new specials, upcoming bands, guest bartenders and new bar games they’ve installed.

Going into Punks on any casual day, though, is sure to merit a fun evening with your friends. The TouchTunes system they have set up renders any customer a temporary DJ while choosing from a very extensive list of songs. You can use the terminal in the bar or control the queue straight from your phone for added simplicity. In between customer-picked songs, I have never been disappointed in the default soundtrack Punks has to offer. The old-school punk vibe matched with outstanding pizza and creative house cocktails makes this bar an essential spot to hit on your next night out.

Yakima theme bars
Drink’n Games has a vibrant and hard-to-miss sign punctuating West Yakima Avenue to draw in various clientele. Photo credit: Haley Mallula

Drink’n Games

Drink’n Games is the bar I’ve visited most frequently than any other on this list. And every time, it’s been a totally unique experience. Whether it’s a host for a drag show, karaoke night or an adult prom, Drink’n Games always has something up its sleeve.

As you may have guessed, this bar is filled with games. Retro, arcade-sized machines fluctuate in and out of the main lobby depending on what event is hosted that evening. These games differ from the set at Game & Grog by being undeniable classics that run on actual quarters, not cards like you’ll see in most modern arcades.

Drink’n Games is a wildly enjoyable location that proves to work well with any individual. The food offered here, the otherworldly cheese bread as no exception, is delivered quickly and effectively by the staff who I’ve never seen standing still.

Drink’n Games is across the street from Salvation Army, so if you are wary of the area late at night, any of the security guards on duty will be there to keep you and your friend group safe during your evening.

Yakima theme bars
The Specialty Pizza and Specialty Nacho at 5th Line Brewery are always new, so be sure to ask the chef for one the next time you go in. Photo credit: Haley Mallula

 5th Line Brewing

You don’t need to be a hockey fan to get a kick out of 5th Line Brewing. With a list of flagship brews that include new and exclusive additions regularly, you’re bound to find a beer that fits your taste. But if you’re like me and beers aren’t your forte, 5th Line offers a remarkably refreshing Raspberry Seltzer.

The food menu may be sparse, but you can’t go wrong with any choice. Their Pulled Pork Nachos recently stole the throne as my favorite entrée, narrowly beating out the Meat Pizza with white sauce. The Pulled Pork Nachos come on a blistering tray painted and barbecue sauce that seems to compliment the nacho cheese brilliantly.

Wait-staff at 5th Line Brewing are considerate, attentive and welcoming. The hockey theme makes for some very entertaining metaphors you’ll see throughout the brewery and on the menu. If you decide against enjoying your drinks outside on 5th Line’s open porch, you’ll be able to appreciate the décor that makes this brewery really stand out. Inside, the walls are lined with NHL jerseys and reruns of past Stanley Cup games.

Step into 5th Line Brewing at 1015 E Lincoln Avenue Suite 106, right beside the Get Air Trampoline Park.

Check out any of these four fun theme bars on your next night out in Yakima. You’ll have fun, make memories with friends and support the unique establishments including their hardworking staff.

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