Let’s face it — showing off cool views and amazing eats is something everybody does to up their social media game. But where are these worthwhile snaps located? Let’s talk about five Instagram spots in Yakima worthy of your followers FYP.

Instagram spots Yakima
Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters is packed with tasty drinks and treats that are sure to please you and your Instagram followers! Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters

Feeling like an old town vibe? Mak Daddy has you covered. Across the way from the old train depot on N 1st Street is Mak Daddy Coffee Roasters. Not only are their drinks and food refreshing in the morning, but they added a beer and wine menu, perfect for any time in the evening. Their list of options changes seasonally, and local baristas craft each drink. Not only are their beverages delicious, but their menu items are perfect for snapping a few photos for social media posts.

Yakima Area Arboretum

Instagram spots Yakima
Yakima Area Arboretum’s Interpretive Center! Inside is packed full of information, small exhibits, and a gift shop. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

If you’re looking for some natural shots, the Yakima Area Arboretum is your go-to for excellent photographs in any season. In spring and summer, the flowers, especially the rose garden, are packed full of colorful petals and gorgeous shots. During the fall, the Yakima Area Arboretum is a host for perfectly orange trees, wonderful for fall photoshoots.

If wintertime is what you’re after, the arboretum puts on its annual Luminaria Christmas Light Tour, where you walk around a lit path full of colorful festive lights. In any season, rain or shine, the Yakima Area Arboretum is sure to be a photo hot spot for your pages.

For information on events, visit the Arboretum’s website for more details during every season.

Sip On 1st Espresso

Instagram spots Yakima
A customized Strawberry Kiwi Red Bull, packed with fresh mango, strawberries, and sprinkled with Tajin! Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

If you’re looking for somewhere unique, only in Yakima can you find extravagant drinks like these. Sip On 1st is a coffee house located at 615 S 1st Street in Yakima. Not only is their service incredibly friendly, they also will customize your drinks upon request and create a new drink every time to satisfy your needs.

Their elaborate, decorative and tasty drinks are sure to give your followers on Instagram a reason to comment. These drinks are beautiful and delicious, and you can’t get one without snapping a few photos of them. Check out their Facebook page for details on specials, and if you’re already in town, they’ll hand you their binder filled with 200+ drinks!

Downtown Yakima

The entire walk down Yakima Avenue is full of stops with places to see and places to eat.

Instagram spots Yakima
The Capitol Theater, located on 19 S 3rd St. in Downtown Yakima. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Check out spots such as The Capitol Theater, with its beautifully painted ceiling and stage that’s packed with live performances during all seasons. Try Front Street, with a brick road and tiny shops dotting the sides of the street. Sundays, you can catch the Downtown Farmers Market, full of fresh grown fruits and veggies that make for great ‘hometown vibe’ photos. A hot spot for local pictures and perhaps the most photographed spot in the whole city, any location downtown is sure to add something special to your page!

In any season, downtown is decorated perfectly, from beautiful hanging flowers in the spring and summer, to holiday lights in the winter. Check out IHeartYakima’s website for a map of downtown Yakima, so you can find your next photoshoot spot.

Icy Tai

Looking for a sweet treat to make your followers jealous? Check out Icy Tai on 2706 W Nob Hill Boulevard. Not only do they serve smoothies, boba tea and fun snacks, but they’re well known for their hand-rolled ice cream.

Instagram spots Yakima
Handmade strawberry ice cream, topped with strawberries, whip cream, and a strawberry Pocky stick! Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

These ice creams are handmade on top of freezing stainless steel, spread out, and rolled up right before your eyes. Topped off with some fun and aesthetically pleasing toppings, and you have an ice cream that creates a great photo op. Try recording the ice cream making process as a fun, unique video for your page. It’s sure to impress.

No matter where you go on this list, you’re going to find an opportunity to capture beautiful images! Whether it’s a quick snap of some flowers, to a well-planned photo of your unique and fun drink, you’re guaranteed to find a spot in Yakima where you won’t want to put your camera down.

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