Sometimes we don’t realize summer comes with a lot more than lounging around a pool or taking a trip to the beach. Often, great summer activities can be found locally! With summertime in full swing, the Yakima Valley is full of exclusive fun features.

summer fun Yakima
West Coast League Baseball is a summer treat. The Pippin’s play against teams along the west coast. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Pippin’s Games

They aren’t known as ‘The Boys of Summer’ for no reason. From the beginning of June to the middle of August, Yakima Valley Pippin’s Baseball is one thing sports fans, families, and solo attendees will love. From the game’s drama to the crowd’s cheers, these games are one of the Yakima Valley’s finest summer events.

Beginning June 4 and ending August 12, there are several games a week. Stop in to enjoy some quality, captivating baseball action, hot fresh food, cold beverages and family-friendly entertainment. For adults attending, they can enjoy local brews and drinks from the sports bar or sit up in the stands with your favorite adult beverage.

Check out the Pippin’s Website for ticket purchases, scheduling and merchandise. This exclusive summer event is something you don’t want to miss.

Hit the Lakes

summer fun Yakima
Rimrock Lake during the summer months is a sparkling turquoise, lined with massive ponderosa pines. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Around and throughout the valley, we’ve got plenty of spots to swim. But if you head up 50 mins west, you’ll find the most memorable places in Yakima County. It’s perfect for cooking over the campfire, sleeping under the stars, and of course, swimming.

Rimrock Lake is a Yakima favorite. Enjoy the day boating, fishing and swimming at both Rimrock and Clear Lake (about ten extra minutes west, off US-12). Both are excellent spots for a summer get-together with friends or a family outing. Full of easy-to-walk trails, areas to park and day camp, and amazing views, the drive up to Rimrock is worth the entire trip itself.

Some spots around the lake require a Discover Pass. If you find yourself excited to visit these lakes for some awesome outdoor adventures, be sure to find local spots to buy a pass or purchase one online. You can obtain a day pass for $10, or, for $30, you can buy year-round access.

Yakima Downtown Farmers Market

summer fun Yakima
The Downtown Yakima Farmers Market is located on 3rd Street. Check it out for loads of fresh fruit, veggies, and valley favorites. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Nothing beats farmers market produce — especially in the Yakima Valley. From cherries to hops and everything in between, no doubt Yakima is one of the best places to purchase the freshest, high-quality produce out there.

Nowhere else is better to buy than the Yakima Farmer Markets. And to make things even better, in the more recent years, the farmers market has expanded to two locations.

Yakima Farmers Sunday Market is located at the corner of Valley Mall Boulevard and S 1st Street in Union Gap, operating every Sunday between 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Downtown Yakima Farmers Market operates on Sundays as well, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., located on 3rd Street in front of the Capitol Theater. These outdoor markets run from May 23 through October 10, stretching to the end of fall.

Not only do the merchants sell fantastic produce you can’t find at the grocery store, but there are plenty of setups from local small businesses, selling candles, soaps, coffee, aqua Fresca, hot food, and more! And the great news is, both locations are only a few minutes drive between one another.

In case you aren’t convinced enough, remember purchasing at your local farmers markets promotes the local economy, small businesses and is more eco-sustainable than shopping for produce at competing grocers.

Exclusive Summer Brews at Local Breweries

summer fun Yakima
Single Hill Brewing is just one of over fifteen breweries in Yakima. They’re located at 2 North Naches Ave. Photo credit: Makenna Hutchinson

Did you know the Yakima Valley produces 75% of the nation’s hop harvest? Odds are, if you’ve had any craft beer at any time, you’ve sipped Yakima’s perfect crop. So, you’ll never find anything quite like Yakima’s local breweries, where locally sourced crops create the ideal summer sips.

With the upper and lower valley combined, Yakima has over 15 breweries, and we know more than one of them will find you a perfect drink.

Something unique and fun that Yakima has to offer is brewery tours! Check out for a list of places to go and ways to schedule tours. If you’re more of a self-guiding tourist, visit the website for a map of spots to hit up.

And, if you really don’t have the time, several local breweries sell growlers, cans and more, to take home. (Some you can even find in the local grocery stores).

Are you looking for even more to do this summer? Be sure to visit for summertime fun suggestions and events. You’d never know how many unique, and fun stops that the Yakima Valley has to offer both tourists and locals alike.

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