Dinosaur Town: Main Street in Granger, Washington, Brings Pre-History Alive

Granger Dinosaurs
Granger’s stegosaurus is located at Hisey “Dinosaur” Park. This dinosaur was built during the 1994 Dino-N-A-Day event. Photo credit: Nancy Mortensen, City of Granger

If you are looking for something a little different to explore, head to Granger and check out its prehistoric residents. Part of a main street revitalization project in 1994, the Granger Public Works Department was put in charge of creating dinosaurs. The first was a baby brontosaurus. Now, there are 32 dinosaurs throughout Granger, giving it the name “Dinosaur Town.” Each year, on the first Saturday in June at Hisey “Dinosaur” Park, they hold Dino-N-A-Day, where attendees get to help create the next dino to join the town. While many of the dinosaurs are in parks, look for the T-Rex coming out of the Public Works building at 503 Main Street.

To see the Dinosaurs, just head to Main Street in Granger and drive. You can’t miss them! Stopping at the parks for photo ops, a bathroom stop at Hisey Park (just look for the volcano, that’s the bathroom!) or even a picnic is a great thing to do as well.

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